How do you choose a dehumidifier that meets your expectations?

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When choosing the ideal dehumidifier:

You can use the following thought-provoking guide to help you find the right air dryer.
Do you want to dehumidify the room at room temperature (15-30°C) or cool (0-15°C)?
Do you want to dehumidify one or more rooms (apartments, houses)?
What is the volume or area of ​​the room you want to dehumidify?
Do you have a standard high ceiling (2.5 m)? Or are they lower/higher?
How high is the humidity in the room? 60-100%
Do you want to save purchase price or power consumption?
Is the noise level of the equipment important or irrelevant to you?
Are you drying clothes in the room to be dehumidified?
Is it important to you that the dehumidifier works for a long time without supervision?
Do you want a small and compact device, or is the size irrelevant?
Do you want to use an air filter to clean the air during dehumidification, or is a humidifier sufficient to neutralize odors?

Room temperature and temperature fluctuations

The first thing buyers should consider is the temperature conditions of the room being dehumidified. The type of technology required depends on the air temperature: compressor or adsorption?

Room temperature determines which dehumidification technology is best for the selected room

It's easy at home. This is usually heated to 15-30°C. However, there are also some areas, such as B. Basements where the temperature is lower than 10°C, or irregularly heated (leisure) objects where the temperature temporarily rises above 15-20°C and then falls back to 0°C.

Household dehumidifier

Types of dehumidification technology

1) Compressor dehumidifier-dehumidification starts at around 5°C, but reaches its maximum performance at around 30°C. They are most suitable for areas heated to room temperature. The higher the air temperature, the higher its performance. The same applies to humidity-the compressor achieves maximum performance at 80-100% humidity.

2) Absorption dehumidifier-easily confused with absorption mini dehumidifier. They work on a similar principle-both contain a substance that binds to water and only needs to be dried in an adsorption dehumidifier. There is no need to buy fillings. Depending on the adsorbent used, they dehumidify from 0°C and sometimes from 1°C. Their performance does not increase with temperature like compressor dehumidifiers, and they are usually weak. They are best suited for rooms with fluctuating temperatures or temperatures between 0-10°C.

3) Absorption dehumidifier-contains a kind of absorbent material similar to sponge. This material is called absorbent. ADsorption dehumidifiers, on the other hand, use adsorbents to bind water to their porous surfaces. The difference between ABsorbent and ADsorbent is that you must purchase ABsorbent regularly because it loses functionality over time. Moisture tablets are typical absorbents. Compared with dehumidifiers, they are less efficient, but they can be placed almost anywhere.

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