There are ways to protect children's eyesight

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According to the international standard eye chart, the eyesight of children of different ages will vary and change. For example, a 4-month baby's vision is generally in the hyperopic refractive state of 0.02-0.04. Later, as the child grows older and grows, he will develop a fixed vision, able to look in one direction for a long time, and then gradually face up. After the age of 6 years, the visual acuity reaches 1.0, which is the normal standard visual acuity.

When the child is not able to protect his eyesight, he needs the assistance of his parents. If he finds that the child always leans forward while watching TV, squints, squints, tilts his head, etc. when watching the distance, he needs to suspect the possibility of myopia. Once identified as myopia, it is difficult to reverse it with drugs or other methods, and it can only correct and delay the progress.

At present, the most effective and safe way to correct myopia is to wear glasses. However, some parents are very resistant to glasses, thinking that their children will get deeper and deeper after wearing glasses. This is a very common misunderstanding. In fact, wearing glasses not only allows children to obtain clear distance vision, but also helps reduce visual fatigue and improve binocular visual function, so don't reject them.

If myopia has been dragged without glasses, the child will be in blurred vision for a long time, but it is more likely to cause myopia to deepen. Therefore, after confirming myopia, you should wear glasses of appropriate power, and change the glasses in time according to the worsening of myopia.

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