Use a humidifier for your baby in autumn

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This year's autumn seems to have come very early. It is not until October that the skin is obviously very dry. In order to help the baby better cope with autumn dryness, the mother who has a baby at home has arranged a Mini Humidifier early.

As an artifact that regulates air humidity, everyone is familiar with humidifiers. But despite this, there are still some mothers who will step into a misunderstanding when using the humidifier, that is, when using the humidifier, they will "add some material" to it. This "material" may be antibacterial agents, fragrances, essential oils, etc...

Mini Dehumidifier

I don’t know that this is a hidden murderous act

As early as around 2011, about 1,500 Koreans had unexplained acute lung infections due to the use of humidifiers, and more than 200 of them died. At first, Chinese people guessed that the humidifier was the culprit. After investigation, it was discovered that it was caused by the disinfectant of the humidifier.

Medical experts said that these people have used humidifiers for about 4 months a year on average in a few years, and added a fungicide every time the water was changed. It is these bactericides that are dispersed into the air through a humidifier and invade into the human respiratory tract, which eventually induces acute pneumonia.

This principle is similar to "air-conditioning disease". It is caused by harmful substances entering the human respiratory tract through the air. It's just that the "sterilizer" is more deceiving. Originally, everyone used it for the purpose of improving air quality. Who knew that instead of promoting human health, it brought a huge threat to human health.

When using a humidifier, what is the right thing to add?

The answer is: pure water or cold boiled water. Other than that, nothing needs to be added.

Some mothers think that Fengyoujing, Radix isatidis, vinegar, etc. are all good things. Can you add some?

Naturally, it can't!

Because the human respiratory tract is different from the esophagus and digestive tract. These substances can be decomposed by gastric acid, but after volatilization and inhalation into the human body, they may attack the respiratory tract or lungs and cause lung infections. The lung infection is a big or small disease, and once it becomes serious, it can be very dangerous.

Therefore, when we use a humidifier, we cannot take it for granted that something is good and just add it in at will. You know, people live by breathing, and once breathing has problems, their lives are likely to be threatened.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to the following points when using the humidifier:

1. The humidity is kept at about 40%~50%;

2. Do not use too frequently, stop using it every 2 hours or so;

3. Do not close doors and windows for a long time, pay attention to ventilation, and keep the room ventilated;

4. Change the water thoroughly before each use;

5. Fully clean at least once a week.

I hope everyone can master the correct usage of the humidifier and let it accompany you to welcome the autumn and winter safely.

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