Isn’t it good to use a breast warmer to warm milk quickly?

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Nowadays, for those who are just starting to be parents, taking care of a baby is really difficult. So let's talk about the first step in the child's milk use. Buying the right milk powder is the first step. But many babies can’t drink the soaked milk all at once, so there will be a lot of it left every time, but it’s wasted when you throw it away. At this time, many mothers will use a bottle warmer to warm the milk and leave it to the baby for the next time drink. So isn't it bad for a breast warmer to warm milk quickly?

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Isn’t it good to use a breast warmer to warm milk quickly?

The quick milk warmer will affect the nutrition of the milk, but it depends on how long it has been left for. The milk in the milk warmer can be stored for 1-3 hours, and it should not be used after this time. During the hottest period in summer, it can only be stored for one hour, and in winter it can be stored for about 3 hours. The milk warmer can warm milk, juice, etc., and can also be used as a milk regulator, which can be described as a multi-purpose device. Especially for working mothers, it is convenient and quick to make milk at night, at a suitable temperature, and does not destroy the nutritional content of milk powder. If you are breastfeeding, you can express the milk in advance, and just take it out to warm it up after work, which saves much effort and effort. However, it is necessary to purchase and use the milk warmer correctly. Note that the prepared milk powder should not be placed in the milk warmer for more than 2 hours, otherwise it will damage the milk quality and even become rotten.

If you put it in the milk warmer, it happens to be the temperature at which bacteria are most likely to grow, not more than 1 hour! If you want to store it for a long time, you need to put it in the refrigerator, refrigerate for 1 day, and freeze for 3 months, but it is best to eat it now. If it is heated in a milk warmer, it is best to drink it within an hour. After all, it is heated, and the temperature is high, which is easy to spoil and grow bacteria. The temperature on the milk warmer cannot be controlled, too high can easily cause the milk to deteriorate. Moreover, breast milk is rich in nutrients, and it is easy to cause bacteria to multiply after being placed for a period of time at a suitable temperature, and the baby is prone to diarrhea after eating. Therefore, breast milk should not be kept on the warmer all the time, and should not exceed 1 hour in the warmer at most.

Will the quick milk warmer make the milk quality worse?

The fast milk warmer generally does not make the milk quality worse, but it will affect it. When breast milk is heated, it is best not to exceed 56 degrees. High temperature heating above 56 degrees C will reduce the activity of immunoglobulin and enzymes. It is best to heat around 40 degrees. Mothers who want to save time and energy may wish to prepare a special breast warmer for themselves. Set the temperature of the breast warmer to 40°C and heat the breast milk in a separate water. Keep a little space for the breast milk container. Don't fill it too full or close the lid tightly to prevent the container from freezing and freezing and bursting. Do not feed your baby any more milk that has expired or has not been fed after thawing, and the milk should not be repeatedly frozen or refrigerated. After the breast milk preservation bag is unsealed, do not reach into the bag or blow into the bag, because it is difficult to regenerate bacteria in a dry environment after sterilization. If you touch or blow in moisture, it will destroy the sterile state of the bag. Provides a "source of bacteria" or an environment for it to breed.

Don't freeze the milk you plan to give your baby within 35 days, because freezing will destroy some of the antibodies in breast milk. If ice cubes are placed in an ice bucket for refrigeration, be aware that after the ice cubes melt, they will easily penetrate into the milk bottle and contaminate the milk. Therefore, the height of the ice cubes cannot be higher than the milk bottle, and the milk bottle cannot be poured into the ice cubes. Take out the breast milk storage bag, if you are not in a hurry, you can put it in the refrigerator compartment first (it is easier to defrost it in the refrigerator door, because the temperature here is slightly higher).

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