The difference between a milk warmer and a milk regulator

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Everyone knows that a baby bottle warmer is mainly a tool to help your baby warm up milk powder or breast milk to ensure the proper temperature of the baby's food. But what is a milk warmer? What is the difference between a milk regulator and a milk warmer? Let's take a look at what are the main differences between a milk warmer and a milk regulator?

Milk regulator: The milk regulator is also called the milk regulator. Its original purpose is to keep warm and cold water to keep it at a temperature suitable for the baby to drink, and to prepare milk powder to feed the baby. The basic function of the milk regulator is to keep the water temperature constant, so it is also called the constant temperature milk regulator.

Baby Bottle Warmer

Milk warmer: The baby's physique is weak, and it has higher requirements for the temperature of drinking milk. It is mainly used to keep the milk and fruit meter warm and heat it to meet the baby's drinking temperature. Based on the heat preservation and heating function of the milk warmer, the milk warmer is also suitable for the elderly.

The milk regulator is to pour drinking water into the pot, it will automatically adjust to the temperature you want, so that when you make milk powder, you do not need to adjust the water temperature, just pour the water into the bottle to start the milk, and the milk warmer has two For one purpose, you can put a milk bottle filled with drinking water in a milk warmer adjusted to a certain temperature, and just pour the powdered milk into the bottle when the milk powder is being prepared. Another purpose is that the baby will not drink the milk when it is drinking. , You can put the milk in the bottle warmer and drink it after the baby has finished twisting.

Is a bottle warmer necessary?

As the name suggests, since it is called a milk warmer, of course it is used to warm milk, then, for babies, is it necessary to use a milk warmer? This is a problem that many new parents and mothers struggle with in the process of feeding their babies. For this question, here is the answer for you!

The baby's physique is weak, and the temperature of the milk to be drunk is relatively high. The milk warmer is introduced for this purpose, which is mainly used to keep the milk and the fruit meter warm and heat it to meet the temperature of the baby's drinking.

A breast warmer is more useful for breastfeeding mothers. Some mothers have to go to work, and the milk from the breast pump needs to be warmed before giving it to the baby. The milk warmer is heated indirectly with water. The temperature is close to room temperature, which is the temperature of fresh milk from the mother's body temperature, and it is relatively uniform.

For mothers who are feeding milk powder, the warmer is best used to warm boiling water, at a constant temperature of 30-40 degrees. When the baby is about to drink milk, pour the milk powder in and shake it well. The milk warmer can keep the milk that can't be finished at a time to keep it warm, and will not let the flushed milk cold. Drink it as soon as you want to drink after keeping warm, because the leftover milk can only be warmed for 1-3 hours. Otherwise the milk will go bad.

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