Are bottle warmers really useful for babies?

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Mothers with babies know that juice, fruit puree, meat puree, breast milk... all these foods must be rewarmed before being eaten by the baby. At this time, you need to use suitable home appliances for heating. I heard that the popular bottle warmers on the market are just for this. So is a baby bottle warmer useful?

The answer is yes. Due to the weaker physique of babies and higher requirements for the temperature of the milk to be drunk, milk warmers have been introduced for this purpose. The milk warmer is mainly used to keep the milk and juice warm, so as to make it suitable for the baby's drinking temperature. Based on the heat preservation and heating function of the milk warmer, the milk warmer is also suitable for the elderly.


But it is more useful for mothers with babies. For example, in the middle of the night, when the milk is not enough, it must be supplemented with milk powder. It will be troublesome if you get up and flush the water and adjust it to a suitable temperature. With a milk warmer, you can heat the water first and keep it at a constant temperature of 40 degrees. When the child cries, add milk powder and drink it directly. This will not heat the milk and save time. In addition, after waiting for six months, the nutrition of breast milk started to be a little bit unable to keep up. If the mother is going to work, it is even more impossible to breastfeed the child from time to time. It is much more convenient to have a breast warmer at night. Finally in winter. The bottle warmer is also a good helper for mothers. Most of the breast warmers have an appointment timing function. You can set the time and temperature when you sleep at night. When the baby is hungry, you can directly make milk powder for the baby to drink. You can feed your baby well without getting up.

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