How to use the bottle warmer?

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How to use the bottle warmer? Although the milk warmer is not a small household appliance with complicated operation, mothers still need to understand some details about the use of the baby bottle warmer. (The brand is different, remember to pay attention to the instruction manual before use.)

Baby Bottle Warmer

1. Put the bottle holder into the container.

2. Put the milk bottle in the container.

3. Add water to the container, 2cm away from the top of the water surface (if there is less milk in the bottle, you can add less water in the container to prevent the bottle from floating).

4. Cover the thermal insulation and dustproof cover.

5. Turn on the power and press the <warm milk> button. The machine's red indicator light flashes, indicating that it is heating. After about 8-12 minutes, 6. The green indicator light turns on, and the milk in the bottle is close to breast milk temperature , And then the machine automatically keeps constant temperature.

When you need to feed your baby, take the bottle with milk out of the container and wipe the surface of the bottle with a dry towel to feed the baby.

7. Please unplug the power plug when not in use.

8. Do not soak or rinse the milk warmer with water, wipe it with a damp cloth.

9. When used for a long time, scale will accumulate in the warm milk bottle, which will affect the temperature accuracy of the warm milk bottle. You can pour it into the warm milk bottle with 100ml of vinegar + 50 ml water, soak for half an hour, power on for 10 minutes, and rinse with water after cooling. . If there is a lot of scale, repeat this descaling work.

10. Do not let the baby touch the breast warmer.

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