What to do if the baby chokes the milk and blocks the nose?

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If the milk enters the trachea by mistake when the baby is drinking, it will cause an uncomfortable reaction, which is the so-called choking.

Slight choking

Usually the baby will adjust the breathing and swallowing actions by himself, which is less dangerous. Parents only need to observe his breathing and skin color.

Serious choking

In addition to possibly causing bronchitis or pneumonia, we should also worry that excessive choking of milk or milk will directly block the baby's respiratory tract, causing lack of air, leading to sequelae of the brain nerve center (such as vegetative), and even fatal.

If the baby chokes on the milk, it will cause cyanosis of the lips or face, difficulty in breathing, restlessness, spit out milk or foam, blood, etc. You need to hurry up and take the time to rescue.

3 key first aid methods for choking milk

Mild choking does not cause immediate danger, but if the baby is too severe to breathe after choking, there is almost no chance of hospitalization for emergency treatment. At this time, it can only be rescued immediately.

1. Drainage and pat on the back

Baby eating and vomiting cause suffocation (satisfaction state) → Please immediately put your lying baby's face to one side or lie on his side, and pat your back vigorously to prevent vomiting milk from flowing into the throat and trachea.

The baby choked up just after drinking milk (fasting state)→Put the baby prone on the adult's lap, and lean the upper body forward 45-60 degrees, which will help the milk in the trachea to empty and drain out.

2. Remove oral foreign bodies

You can use your fingers to wrap the gauze into your baby's mouth to the pharynx to make him vomit, so as to keep the airway smooth, so as not to obstruct breathing.

3. Observe the baby's crying and complexion

Closely observe the baby's condition, such as activity, food intake, breathing, skin color, etc. If the baby's complexion does not improve after 5 minutes of treatment, please give CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and send to a doctor immediately. If the baby breathes smoothly after choking, it is best to find a way to make him cry hard (crying is a lot of breathing), observe the baby's inhalation and exhalation when crying, to see if there is any abnormality.

What wrong methods should not be used

Do not use the wrong method

①Don't pinch the baby in the crowd. When the baby is choking, it will cause the baby to cry and cause suffocation.

②Don't shake the baby indiscriminately. The baby must not be shaken. Not only can it not relieve the choking, but it may also cause the baby shake syndrome.

③Don't hold your baby upright right away. When choking occurs, many parents immediately hold the baby upright and burp immediately. This is very dangerous, because after holding upright, these secretions or milk are not easy to be coughed out, but it is easy to enter deeper parts. , Resulting in more severe coughing.

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