What is the appropriate degree of milk warmer?

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In the past, when the older generation brought their babies, it was a headache if they chose milk powder. When the milk powder cools down, you can only choose to boil a pot of boiling water and then reheat the cold milk, but the temperature is not good enough, so the heated milk is still not hot enough or the temperature is too high, which is not good for the health of the child. Now that there is a baby bottle warmer, this problem has been solved. So if you choose to use a milk warmer or a milk warmer to warm your milk, how much temperature should be set to be appropriate or better? Today, I will teach you mothers, so that everyone can easily use the bottle warmer or warmer.

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For families with babies, milk warmers do have powerful functions, and the most widely used function is milk warming. Whether it is expressed breast milk or brewed milk powder, once it cools down, you can use a milk warmer to keep it warm and keep it at a constant temperature suitable for drinking, which is very good. But parents need to pay attention to this temperature is very particular, under normal circumstances, it is recommended to set the milk warmer or milk warmer to about 45 degrees is more appropriate, because this is the best temperature for the baby to drink milk, can keep it The nutrients in the milk powder can make the baby's stomach adapt very well, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

However, when using a breast warmer or a breast warmer, parents must pay great attention to the storage time of the milk. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the baby drink up the milk within two hours, otherwise it will be detrimental to their health.

Is it okay to warm the milk to 45 degrees?

For moms, it is very useful to buy a breast warmer. At the same time, the price of a milk warmer is not high, usually around two hundred yuan, and most families can afford it. However, you can get more with a cost of about two hundred yuan. A fully functional milk warmer can help keep the milk or boiled water in a constant state. In this way, feeding the baby has become a relatively easy thing.

As we all know, the emergence of the breast warmer has brought great convenience to all mothers, but if you want to maximize the function of the breast warmer, parents also need to use the breast warmer correctly. Normally, if parents want to warm the milk, they need to set the temperature in advance. Generally, the temperature is set to the range of 40 degrees to 45 degrees, so it is more appropriate for the mothers to set the temperature to 45 degrees, and it is not high.

At the same time, after setting the temperature, parents can put the milk into it. After the milk warmer is processed, the milk can be kept in a constant state, but it should not be stored for too long. It is recommended that the baby drink the remaining milk within two hours. If it exceeds two hours, parents are advised to dispose of the milk, and then brew fresh milk for the baby to drink to ensure healthy drinking.

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