How many degrees to defrost breast milk

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In the past, when mothers’ breast milk became too swollen, they would mostly be squeezed out and poured out, because the baby did not need to drink milk every time the breast milk was swollen. Now, technology saves the mothers who have too much milk. The milk warmer can effectively help the mothers to warm the frozen milk, so mothers can squeeze the excess breast milk into the refrigerator and freeze it, and then take it out to defrost and heat it when the baby needs to drink it. So how many degrees does it take to defrost breast milk with a breast warmer? The mother who wants to know must not miss the content below.

Under normal circumstances, mothers with too much breast milk need to purchase a baby bottle warmer, several milk storage bags, etc. in advance to ensure the health of the stored milk. It is generally recommended that mothers use an automatic breast pump or a manual breast pump to put the excess milk in a milk bag, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze it. However, such storage should not exceed six months, and it is recommended to drink it within three months. When the baby needs to drink milk, take out the frozen milk and put it in the milk warmer. If you want to defrost breast milk well, the set temperature is very important. It is recommended that mothers set the temperature between 40 degrees and 50 degrees, so that they can be heated evenly and achieve the best thawing effect. But mothers need to pay attention, the maximum temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, because this will easily destroy the nutrients in breast milk.

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Therefore, only by mastering the correct method of use can the baby drink healthy breast milk.

In the past, when bringing a baby, it was always believed that the more milk powder, the more nutritious it was, and the higher the temperature of the milk powder, the warmer the baby would drink. In fact, there is no scientific basis for these, but it is easy to damage the baby's stomach and body. Especially the temperature of powdered milk, this is very important. If the temperature of the milk powder is too high, it may cause the nutritional elements in it to be destroyed, and it is completely meaningless after the baby drinks it. Therefore, it is more appropriate to keep the milk temperature at about 40 to 45 degrees. However, some parents find that the milk from the milk warmer at 40 degrees is cold, so can such a baby drink it? Will you have diarrhea after drinking it?

Under normal circumstances, the milk from the milk warmer at 40 to 45 degrees is very suitable for the baby to drink. If parents find that the milk from the milk warmer is cold at 40 degrees, they need to pay attention to the following issues, which may be caused by these factors:

1. The bottle warmer is broken. If the milk warmer malfunctions, it will cause its milk warming function to be hindered, and eventually the milk that comes out of 40 degrees will be iced.

2. Weather reasons. If the weather is relatively cold, the milk that comes out of 40 degrees may be cold. At this time, it is recommended to increase the temperature of the milk.

3. The original temperature of milk is low. If the milk has been stored in the refrigerator, its original temperature will be low, which will also cause the milk at 40 degrees to be colder. It is also recommended to raise the temperature of high-temperature milk.

Therefore, if the above situation occurs, it is not recommended to drink the warm milk to the baby, so as not to affect the baby's intestines and stomach. At the same time, it may also cause diarrhea in the baby, which is very unfavorable.

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