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  • Powerful suction: HAUTURE nasal aspirator is superior to traditional nasal aspirators and pumps. 3 suction strengths can be selected. The strong mode can reach up to 65Kpa, which can solve almost all types of notation. (We strongly recommend using salt water nasal spray to soften the stubborn mud. After nasal spray, please wait 30 seconds to one minute, and then use our nasal aspirator for baby to suck it away.)
  • Rechargeable: 120 minutes of using after fully charged, the electric nasal aspirator ensures that it is always available when you need it, no need to cost extra money, more environmentally friendly and convenient. Ideal for diaper bags. It is absolutely safe for your babies and toddlers. This is a baby essentials for newborn!
  • Safety: The HAUTURE electric nose sucker for baby is BPA and latex free which can avoid damage to the infant¡¯s fragile nasal Mucosal, oral contact and cross-infection. Two independent silicone heads connected will also ensure absolute cleanliness. It is a perfect gift for new mom!
  • Waterproof & easy to clean: The air tank has been separated from the air inlet of the machine to prevent backflow. Just open the mucus collection cup and rinse with hot soapy water. No longer have to worry about baby suffer from congestion. The nasal aspirator is a newborn essentials!
  • Quiet operation: This HAUTURE nasal aspirator for baby uses high-quality motors to ensure low noise, so that your baby can enjoy a clean nasal experience in a quiet environment. Help babies breathe better and sleep well without causing irritation or panic. This is a baby must have items!

Is it necessary to buy a nasal aspirator for newborn babies?

After the baby is born, the secretions in the nasal cavity usually need to be cleaned up from time to time by the mother to maintain a good environment in the baby's nasal cavity. Under normal circumstances, mothers use cotton swabs to clean up the secretions in the baby's nasal cavity, but the baby's nose is relatively sensitive. The baby is easy to move when the mother cleans up, and the mother will easily damage the baby's nasal cavity. Now there is a baby nasal aspirator on the market, and many mothers don’t know how effective the product is. So, is it necessary to buy a nose sucker for newborn babies?

The mother of a newborn baby nasal aspirator can prepare one at home. When the baby has a cold and runny nose and cannot clean the secretions in the nasal cavity, the secretions can be sucked out through the nose sucker. But when using the nasal aspirator, be careful to move gently. If the baby is crying and rebellious, the mother needs to stop in time, because the baby's nasal mucosa is very thin and fragile. If it is forced to operate, it will cause nasal mucosal damage and cause nasal bleeding. After every use of the nose sucker, it must be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the growth of bacteria and cause infection in the baby. Therefore, it is necessary for mothers to buy a nasal aspirator for newborn babies.

At the same time, the physical fitness of the newborn baby is relatively poor. Moms usually need to pay special attention to the baby's physical condition. According to the weather conditions, add clothes to the baby appropriately to avoid a runny nose after catching a cold.


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