Sterilizer for baby bottles Sterilizer and dryer for baby bottles, 6 in 1 steam sterilizer for baby bottles soother breast pump - touch screen & automatic shut-off bottle vaporizer

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99.99%+ sterilizer for baby bottles: Kills 99.99% of germs in baby bottles and baby supplies with steam for fast and effective sterilization.

6-in-1 multifunction: Auto (baby bottle sterilizer & drying & storage) / Sterilize only / Dry only / Storage / Preset / Steam food. This universal sterilizer and dryer for baby bottles is a perfect gift for families with babies.

Effective drying: Dry your bottle quickly with hot filtered air. The contents will be dry and ready for the next feed within 30 minutes.

Large capacity: This steam sterilizer holds up to 11 bottles and baby supplies such as baby bottles, pacifiers, spoons, toothbrush, etc. This sterilizer still fits on most countertops.

Ergonomic & BPA-free: The upward-facing control panel of the vaporizer is more ergonomic. It is made of food-safe PP material and is BPA-free. We always check our raw materials just as strictly as the milk powder.

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